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Children 1st

Children 1st

Children 1st is Scotland’s National Children’s Charity. They exist to prevent abuse and neglect, to protect children and keep them safe from harm. They advocate on behalf of children and families and ensure their rights are protected in all the places they go. More children than ever now need support, and the vast majority of Scots are unaware of this. 

Children 1st have an ambition to reach all of the children and families in Scotland who need them – and we were delighted to be offered the opportunity to help them do just that.

Following their name change from RSSPCC over 20 years ago, awareness of Children 1st was very low, with just 72% of Scots recognising the charity, even when prompted.

We had to significantly raise brand awareness and stand out from other children’s charities. We want Children 1st to be seen as the leader in the field of trauma recovery for children.

Our film – launched across TV and digital channels and planned and booked by Frame Media – highlights the isolation children feel when dealing with trauma, and points to the essential role Children 1st plays in helping children deal with abuse, neglect or other distress.

Extensive street casting produced our female lead actor who gave an incredible debut performance under the careful instruction of Director Martin Smith, from production company MTP.

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