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The debate around UK airport expansion is contentious and has been rumbling on for over a decade.

With a final verdict still some way away, London Gatwick Airport had been running the ‘London Gatwick, obviously’ campaign to shout about why a second runway expansion was the far superior option on all counts. The campaign hadn’t yet reached Scotland.

We needed to get the benefits of Gatwick rather than Heathrow expansion noticed by key decision makers in Scotland. We had to show that an expanded Heathrow would be bad for Scotland. And we had to show just how much this debate in Westminster was relevant to Scotland.

Our campaign idea was to show Heathrow as the sharks in the debate, the shysters whose proposal didn’t stand up to scrutiny and who would cause taxpayers unnecessary millions.

Press ads, outdoor and digital banner ads ran across the country with upweights at Edinburgh Airport and around the SNP conference.



The debate rages on. Our campaign helped highlight the fact that Heathrow expansion would cost Scotland money, lead to fewer direct routes from Scottish airports and less choice for Scottish passengers.