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Holywood comes to town

Holywood Comes to Town

Frame PR was appointed to handle global media on George Clooney’s visit to Scotland on behalf of Social Bite.

When Hollywood royalty comes to town, generating coverage isn’t the challenge, shaping the message to suit your client is. Everything Clooney did that day was a potential story – our task was to ensure his visit to a small sandwich shop which helps homeless people was THE story people talked about.


In the hours before the event, the breakfast shows of Sky News, ITV and BBC broadcasted from Social Bite interviewing founders Josh Littlejohn and Alice Thompson, telling their story to a TV audience of over 1.5million.

As soon as Clooney left the building, our story complete with exclusive photos and video was distributed around the globe to a pre-determined and briefed network of media outlets.

Social Bite made it into six of the world’s top 10 news outlets including the New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today, the Times of India, the Daily News, and El Mundo – publications with a combined online audience of over 310 million people.

The story ran in over 500 English-speaking media outlets throughout the world, reaching over 40 countries including Russia, China, Thailand, and Pakistan.

Our exclusive video footage from inside the cafe was carried on CNN, NBC, ABC, SKY, BBC, ITN and a host of other major broadcast news outlets. Major social news influencers such as Buzzfeed, Rappler, Mashable, Reddit and Upworthy joined the fun and the story was shared on social media over 141,000 times in a 24-hour period.

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Closer to home, Clooney’s trip to Social Bite featured on the front page of 12 UK newspapers and reached a combined UK print readership of almost 20m people.

Social Bite, the small Scottish sandwich shop which helps the homeless, trended on Facebook and Twitter and was one of the most read stories in the world on that one fine day.