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National Library of Scotland

National Library of Scotland

Scotland at the Cinema

As a nation of avid cinema goers, Scotland has always had a deep relationship with the movies. To publicise the National Libraries of Scotland's special exhibition "Scotland at the cinema", we asked ourselves 'How would Scots reinvent classic cinema moments and film titles'.

Our campaign launched with posters featuring 'Scotified' film titles, harnessing the humour and inventiveness of Scots and used this thought as the basis for our hugely successful Social Media campaign.


Going social

We seeded some examples of our own posters and invited everyone else to have a go. Our custom Facebook app allowed users to create their own posters in the same style as our original posters but with their own witty titles and classic cinema moments. Posters were saved to The National Library of Scotland’s Facebook page and pushed out through users’ own timelines for their friends to have a go too.

Results and Rewards

The campaign was phenomenally successful, and sent their social media interaction through the roof. Over 1,000 posters were generated in the first week, we reached over 500,000 individuals, earned 348,486 interactions and within a fortnight we'd increased our client’s Facebook followers by 50%. The campaign was awarded at the 2013 Scottish Creative Awards for Integrated Campaign, Integrated Strategy, Public Sector Advert, Copywriting, 6-4 or smaller sheet poster and it also won the Grand Prix.