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As the number one online job site in Scotland, no one knows Scottish Jobs quite like s1 jobs. To illustrate the fact, we created an engaging local character - Davey - who knows the answer to everything (including how to twerk). Of course when it comes to local jobs, Davey points everyone to the true expert: s1

The TV advert and supporting outdoor campaign launched in October 2014 and helped achieve the busiest October on record with almost 640,000 unique visits – up 6% YOY. Overall traffic in October was up 7% YOY at just short of 1.5 million visits. In December 2014, the job application rate on the site was up 8% YOY which is extremely significant taking into consideration the time of year – not very many people are looking for jobs in December and because of this, less recruiters post jobs.

The campaign was back on TV and outdoor in January 2015 and again achieved great results with nearly 700,000 unique visitors. The TV advert has had over 1.4 million views on YouTube and the s1jobs social media community continues to show their support!

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