Frame Media offers something genuinely different from the rigid working practices and obscure trading behaviour of the big networks. For starters, we provide a genuinely-integrated, full-service solution that is tailored to our clients’ needs. What’s more, we believe in looking after our people, because they're the ones who keep our clients happy.


Our planning approach is firmly rooted in creating insight-based strategies that fuel our solutions. To this end we have access to a full suite of desktop planning tools including TGI, Addynamix, Warc and Mediatel which we use in conjunction with client first party results and customer data to develop the most effective solutions.

We believe in adopting a cyclical approach to insight generation using campaign results as a key source of insight for each subsequent planning phase.


Because we’re independent, we can offer a level of flexibility in our approach that bigger, networked agencies are not able to provide.

Our independence also allows us to tailor our solutions to the client’s rather than the agencies needs, and we have short lines of communication meaning all clients have regular access to and contributions from senior members of staff.

We’re not tied to the restrictions of network deals and our commercial practices are always 100% transparent.


We’re big believers in providing tangible evidence of the effectiveness of our solutions so that we can demonstrate a return on our client’s investment and plan better for the future. To this end we have a number of bespoke tools and approaches to offer our client’s visibility on performance at all points in the consumer journey.

Whether that’s tracking brand metrics such as awareness and consideration, using attribution models to understand action metrics such as clicks, visits and responses or econometrics to identify outcome metrics such as ROI, we have access to solutions to track performance at every stage of the consumer journey.