Our services

We're an independent creative communications agency made up of over 80 people from advertising, PR, media, social, and development.

For 30 years, we’ve been making work that matters to deliver successful campaigns in Scotland, the UK and all over the world. 

Insight, strategy and creativity sits at the heart of everything we do. And we pride ourselves on working together, across departments, to deliver joined-up, effective solutions.


Using sound research and insight, we create big, flexible ideas that can fit into any space. Working alongside our planning team, we will get right to the core of your brand to produce distinctive work that delivers results.

Services include

  • Brand strategy
  • Cross-channel campaigns
  • Evaluation & measurement
  • Online content
  • Production
  • Research, insight & results
  • Social media strategy

Our award-winning PR team has some of the industry’s brightest minds representing high profile clients across a variety of sectors. We’re not into the old fashioned ‘dark art’ style of PR, we’re more about helping brands connect with their audience in meaningful ways through great strategy, ideas, stories, content and experiences. We’re not happy until others are talking about you in the same way you talk about yourself.

Services include

  • Behavioural change
  • Cause-related comms
  • Consumer & corporate
  • Media monitoring
  • Press office function
  • Strategy planning & development
  • Athlete media training
  • Board level counsel
  • Comms strategy
  • Press office function
  • Sponsorship activation
  • Issues & crisis management
  • Media training
  • Profile development
  • Scenario planning
  • Social media management
  • Stakeholder liaison
  • Blog writing
  • Ghost writing
  • Publications
  • Shareable social media content
  • Short video production
  • Brand partnership
  • Celebrity partnership
  • Influencer outreach & engagement
  • Product placement
  • Talent management
  • Creative planning
  • Launches
  • Stunts

With every media decision founded in insight, we connect people to the messages that matter to them. It’s more than what people listen to, watch and read; it’s how they find, interact and share what’s great about your brand, product and service. 

The Frame Media team offer something genuinely different from the rigid working practices of the big networks.

  • Because we’re independent, our solutions are tailored to your needs, not our bottom line.
  • We keep it simple, bringing strategic direction to our planning without over-complicating it.
  • We prove the effectiveness of our clients’ media investments with robust measurement frameworks
  • Frame also provide a genuinely integrated, full-service solution working seamlessly with colleagues in creative, design and PR. 

Services include

  • Brand positioning & SWOT auditing
  • Category & competitor analysis
  • Channel scenario planning
  • Communications strategy
  • Consumer profiling & segmentation
  • Tactics & implementational strategy
  • Bespoke client deals
  • Flexibility in booking & trading arrangements
  • No inventory media
  • No preferred supplier restrictions
  • Brand health tracking
  • Budget setting
  • Campaign performance reporting
  • In-channel optimisation
  • Market mix modelling
  • Visual analytics
  • Business performance forecasting
  • Customer lifetime value analysis
  • Data exploration & feasibility
  • Owned communication fighting
  • Product proposition & optimisation
  • Accelerator workshops
  • Growth strategy consultancy
  • Project based communications planning
  • Training for in-house teams


All creative work is content. But if you need material that lives online and promotes your brand, then our expert team of motion designers, videographers, editorial and social media specialists are here to help.

Services include

  • Animation
  • Content strategy
  • Editorial content
  • E-mail
  • Filmed content
  • Influencer marketing
  • Motion graphics
  • Organic & paid social media content

At the heart of all great design is a powerful idea. Which is why we bring to bear the same rigorous strategic approach to our design work as we do to everything we create. Because for us, design isn't the frosting; it's baked into the cake.

Services include

  • Branding
  • Motion
  • Print design
  • Production
  • Website UX & design


When it comes to our work online, we strive to deliver solutions that are simple, practical and technologically flawless. And whether it’s your first or your fiftieth online project, our expert team will ensure you get a solution tailored to your needs.

Services include

  • API development
  • App development
  • Booking systems
  • Custom integrations
  • E-commerce
  • Technical support
  • Prototyping
  • Technical consulting
  • Umbraco CMS development
  • Web development